Temporary / Contract Staffing

At present, staffing companies offer the solution in a broad range of forms so as to ensure that the clients’ specific needs are met, be it for short assignments or full-time employees.

It is imperative to understand the intricacies of the different types of staffing solutions to make sure that your requirements are met to the full extent. Today, we will discuss one of the most popular types of offering in this context: temporary or contract staffing.

Temporary staffing is when an organization recruits an employee on a temporary basis from another organization that provides work staff. What this means is that the temporary employee is not on the hiring organization’s payroll and the salary and benefits for the hire are paid by the staffing service provider. One of the biggest reasons behind temporary staffing’s popularity is that it enables organizations to outsource jobs that are tangentially related to the business, thus allowing them to continue focusing on core business activities.

Based on a contract between the company and the talent provider, temporary staffing not only helps companies cut down their administrative overheads but also helps them minimize liabilities associated with permanent employment. The flexibility of the duration of temporary staffing also serves as an additional benefit.

Now on to contract staffing; though these two may seem similar, there is one vital difference: it is used for particular positions instead of a complete function. It helps companies selectively add to their workforce and hire more professional individuals.


Irrespective of their size, organizations across the globe are making every effort to contend with a market demand that is full of ups and downs as well as growing government regulations. When the environment seems uncertain to such an extent, it is only fair that companies are wary of hiring full-time employees. In a volatile market, it is wise to desire the pliability of flexible, on-demand human resources who are qualified to execute tasks and other business operations in precisely the way the company desires.

Enhance Business Solutions understands the pivotal role temporary staffing can play in a company’s operations. Hence, we offer reliable solutions that empower clients with the ability to enhance their workforce without needing to hire them full time. We help assist over-burdened employees during crucial times and ensure that projects keep moving forward.

Enhance Business Solutions delivers cost-efficient, full service and effective temporary/contract staffing services to organizations that may not either have the requisite infrastructure or the readiness to carry out such labour-intensive chores. Hiring Enhance Business Solutions to fulfil your temporary/contract staffing needs is easy and effortless since we operate just as our clients’ own HR Department sans the inconveniences and banality.

Temporary Staffing at Enhance Business Solutions

Enhance Business Solutions work closely with clients throughout the process of hiring temporary resources. We also take complete responsibility for the maintenance of crucial resources in a manner that enables optimum utilization of human resources, thus cutting down costs considerably.

Take a close look at the various steps of our meticulous process for empowering clients with temporary human resources:

  • Every candidate is subjected to a thorough selection process that aims to not only substantiate their education, technical skills, and experience but also try to ensure that they conform to the highest standards and are well-suited to assist clients. And that’s not all — each candidate in our database is required to undertake relevant tests and other evaluation processes, which includes a rigorous face-to-face interview. Our database stores every candidate’s application and also ensures their business and/or professional references have been properly verified.
  • Enhance Business Solutions is affiliated with professional organizations across the globe, which ensures that our clients benefit from the best of the best outsourcing and staffing solutions.
  • The Enhance Business Solutions team does a thorough job; the process starts with gaining a complete understanding of the formal job description. We then match the description to candidates in our database to make sure that the clients get access to high-quality resources. We also undertake an exhaustive analysis of the clients’ needs and share it with the clients along with a list of shortlisted candidates qualified for the role.

Advantages at Enhance Business Solutions

A leading staffing service provider in the country, there are several benefits and advantages in selecting us as your partner for temporary staffing, including:

  • Temporary employees stay on our rolls.
  • We handle standard contractual procedures.
  • Personnel and payroll administration.
  • Regulatory compliance, remittance of statutory payments, and other relevant administration.
  • Our tried and tested recruitment method ensures the recruited candidates are perfectly suited for the company and its specific requirements. Potential candidates are screened, evaluated, and shortlist to make sure clients get nothing but the best..
  • Enhance Business Solutions’ temporary staffing services enables clients to add or cut down their staff strength in accordance with the current set of demands and requirements. We also help clients save on hiring, training, and HR administration.
  • Enhance Business Solutions assumes responsibility for all administrative tasks by serving as the central point for all temporary staffing needs, including compliance with labour laws, etc. Our legal and compliance team makes sure that client’s business is always completely compliant with all regulations.

So, no matter how complex your staffing needs are, trust us when we say we are always happy to help. For more information about our solutions and services, we recommend getting in touch with us at the earliest!