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Content Moderation Services In India

What are the brands doing these days?

In today’s tech world, every brand is vigorously doing content marketing while throwing millions and billions of content on their platform through UGC and PGC platforms. Various online communities engage in conversation on social media platforms by uploading photos, videos, comments, blog posts, reviews etc.

Since the user-generated content on social media platforms has increased by leaps and bounds, a fair amount of extorted content also comes into the flow which does not comply with the social media rules and go beyond the accepted frontiers.

How will a company manage that the content which is going on the website is appropriate, free from errors and not tormenting the sentiments of readers? Yep! We got the solutions of all these here.

Enhance Business Solutions provides the best content moderation services India to brands who are brawling to find resources for content auditing and moderation services. EBS specializes in providing tailor-made cutting edge customized solutions to brands according to their requirements.

Content Moderation at Enhance Business Solutions

With having expertise of more than 14 years, EBS boasts in providing the following content moderation services:

    • Content Auditing Services: EBS provides content auditing in all the regional languages of India for both UGC and PGC content. Our team of experts inspects every criterion that you induct and assure you the error-free content. Whether it is news, article, blogs, web content, app content etc. we are here to support you.
    • Content Moderation Services: Our team helps you in protecting your brand reputation by checking and moderating your content based on the guidelines you set. We manage your community’s stature by providing effective solutions with proper quality control at a very low cost. EBS provides the content moderation services India and we support content moderation service for social media channels and other apps in the category like a news aggregator, blogs etc.
    • Content Tagging and Categorization Services: Tagging the content in the right category is always important to let the visitors know about the purpose of the content. Hence, Enhance Business Solutions make the task easy to decide the category of the content and place it in the right category.
    • Content Writing Services: Understanding your requirements from giving the title to videos, news, to writing articles, website content, technical content, EBS has the competency for all. Understanding your business and the need of your audience, Enhance Business Solutions provides the best content writing services that will let your audience to engage with you.
    • Content Proofreading Services: Enhance Business Solutions provides proofreading services for its business customers. We unroll our hands in providing proofreading services for websites, news, articles, documents etc. EBS has a dedicated team of experts and editors who can outlay the process and customize the solutions according to the requirements.
    • Video Auditing Services: EBS makes video exchange system on social media and other channels easy by providing real-time video auditing services. Our specialists eradicate explicit and offensive content from the videos and serve you the videos which comply with the social media rules and guidelines. EBS has the right talent to provide you with the best video auditing services in India.
  • Video Tagging and Categorization Services: Tagging the video in a particular category is important as tagging the content; this helps the users in accessing the videos according to their tastes. Enhance Business Solutions strongly agree with this support you in placing the videos in the categories they belong to.
  • Live Streaming Video Auditing Services: Now a day, a lot of live streaming video platforms are emerging where the users can connect, entertain, chat through videos and establish a social harmony. However, as the internet consumption is increasing and the flow of users is increasing, a lot of users come onto the platforms and perform there without following guidelines and which hurt the sentiments of the other users. Enhance business Solutions has designed professional live streaming video auditing services that will focus on the quality and appeal of the video content and sweep out the creeps out of the platform in real time.
  • Video Editing Services: With the professional tools and in house outlay of video editing needs, Enhance Business Solutions provides the best video editing services across PAN India.
  • Image Moderation Services: Images are the best way to attract your audience and they should be informative, appealing and complying to the guidelines. Enhance Business Solutions has the talent that will give the best image auditing services and never let any violated image associated with you.
  • Comment Moderation Services: Comments are the best way to get the great audience and the engagement. But they shouldn’t contain any spam or negative thoughts. Enhance Business Solutions understands this as one the important factor to keep the brands’ rapport high and provide the best comment moderation services for all the social media forums and channels.

Advantages at Enhance Business Solutions

As one of the leading BPO services provider company in Gurgaon, Bangalore and in all over India, Enhance Business Solutions knows your business importance and by keeping this in priority, we have the skilled and talented team who know how to purify your content better and provide you with a wide range of benefits. Here is an overview of how Enhance Business Solutions helps its clients by providing the best content moderation services:

  • Millions of content and video audited & moderated.
  • 98% of the quality and accuracy produced.
  • Provide support in English, Hindi, Tamil, Gujarati, Kannada, Marathi, Oriya, Telugu, Malayalam and other languages.
  • Enhance Business Solutions is working with one of the top leaders of the market and enhancing their content.
  • Enhance Business Solutions provides the best content moderation services India that will lead to both cost and time-saving.
  • Our services act as a powerhouse to your growing company.

Get in touch with us today to understand how Enhance Business Solutions can be of assistance to you!